LETZ CERTI is looking for Partners

LETZ CERTI is interested in getting great partners onboard. Partners who can make our activities bloom through their experience, knowledge and financial support.

by Lars Ludvigsen

Organizations and individuals who would be interested in becoming a founding partner of LETZ CERTI should raise their hands now or throughout the coming months. They might represent trade organizations, private and public funds, corporations, and perhaps even individual business angels searching for new and better ways to contribute to the sustainable transition of societies in various parts of the world.

Local or global

Both Danish and international partners will be welcomed as LETZ CERTI is an organization for individuals, companies and public institutions all over the globe. The platform and movement have been initiated in Denmark, but we seriously wish to expand as many activities as possible to other markets. Some activities are local for obvious reasons, and they can be replicated from one market to the other, like tra trade fair concept, the awards, the consumer guiding books and the exhibitions. Other actions are truly global born like these star activities:

  • The certi magazine
  • The MyFootprint app
  • The Sustainable Database of products, services and companies


If interested in discussing the possibilities of partnering with LETZ CERTI to promote the best and most sustainable certi products, services and companies please contact partnership manager Lars Ludvigsen at lars.ludvigsen@letzcerti.com or have a chat on +45 2812 0416.