The definition of certi

Like the word app is an abbreviation of the longer and more boring word application, certi is an abbreviation of certification. Certi deserves to become equally popular and important.

by Lars Ludvigsen

Certi is the art of communicating a well-documented, sustainable message in a simple, trustworthy and symbolic way. That is the simple and easy to understand definition of certi. It will become increasingly important if the corporate world keep changing its ways in favour of a more sustainable transition. And corporations do play one of the most important roles as change agents in this transformation. Along with the individual consumer who have the power to decide what to buy.

Business or communication
Certi is both business and communication. It begins with business decisions, and it has the potential to communicate the sustainable messages. If companies carefully select the certifications that address the core business in the most appropriate way, they will gain from the certi both business-wise and communication-wise. An obvious example is a cotton t-shirt company that wish to become sustainable, address SDG 12 and communicate appropriately. It will benefit on all three aspects by using the GOTS certi. Especially, it will be beneficial if the company has international ambitions as GOTS is a global certi. If the t-shirt company address a local or regional market, they might decide to use one of the regional certi reps which tend to be strong in terms of awareness among consumers.

SDGs or certi
One of the most important SDGs, the sustainable development goals, for companies is number 12 addressing responsible production. This SDG as well as the others are great at pointing out a strategic direction for the company, while a specific certi is great at documenting the activities and to have it approved by an independent third-party body. So, the SDGs go hand in hand. No contradictions between between SDGs and certi.